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Foreword by the CEO 

The diversity of our products, the attachment to our European roots, and the strength of our international network have all contributed to AXA Private Equity’s success over more than 15 years. For us, every investment represents an adventure with an entrepreneur around a growth project.

AXA Private Equity has built its position as a European and global leader in private equity by exercising tremendous discipline in its investment methods, applying long-term vision within its investment teams, and abiding by ethical principles such as limiting leverage and ensuring total transparency towards its clients.

Capital investment must promote growth in the real economy. Our culture is founded above all else on building enduring partnerships with company management teams and supporting their development projects, as well as fostering relations with fund managers, who regularly demonstrate their confidence in us. We strive every day to ensure that capital investment lives up fully to its role as a long-term investor.

Dominique Senequier
Chief Executive Officer