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Investor Relations 

Transparency and proximity are the heart of the close relationships that AXA Private Equity has established with its investors over the years. In total, more than 260 customers and numerous consultants collaborate with the company worldwide.

In order to serve their needs as close, around twenty professionals are dedicated to customer relations. Among them, 14 regional contacts maintain an ongoing dialogue with investors. Four people are also dedicated full time to the Client Servicing and work for continuous improvement of the information provided to customers. Through an online reporting platform, AXA Private Equity offers investors a secure and comprehensive results and history of their investments. Detailed and verifiable datas of its activities and product lines are published at regular intervals.

Head of Investor Relations
Edouard Boscher Head of Investor Relations Back  
Client Servicing and Product Marketing
Yves Genouvrier Client Servicing Manager Back  
Martin Kessi Managing Director Back   Raphaëlle Muhlmann-Eytan Senior Investor Relations Manager Back   Jan-Philipp Schmitz Managing Director Back   Julie Burgermeister Investor Relations Manager Back   Marion Hascoët Investor Relations Manager Back  
North America
Michael Bane Head of US Investor Relations Back   Jessica Salomons Investor Relations Manager Back  
Middle East
François-Aïssa Touazi Senior Advisor Middle East Back  
Yacine Mancer Investor Relations Manager Back  
Jenhao Han Head of AXA Private Equity Asia, Managing Director Back   Won Ha Senior Investment Manager Back   Mathieu Lebrun Director Back  
Rick Morioka Investment Manager Back  

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