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A leading player in European Infrastructure
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Transport, energy, motorways, water&waste management and telecommunications provide people with essential services for their well-being and development. The financial stakes involved in providing infrastructures are very high for governments and local authorities and they are increasingly open to private investment. Being stable assets such infrastructure offers long-term visibility for financial returns and an attractive risk-return profile.

Since 2005, AXA Private Equity has invested in the equity of private companies in charge of infrastructure development and management – along with industrial and financial partners – who contribute their technical expertise or financial resources.

AXA Private Equity manages a diversified infrastructure portfolio

The expertise of the investment team combined with the partnerships made with industrials, make it one of the leading players in European infrastructure, with a unique ability to generate high-quality proprietary deal flow.

Infrastructure: an attractive investment
  • Current yield return.
  • Low correlation with other asset classes and resistance to economic cycles.
  • Protection against inflation and economic cycles (Assets correlated positively to inflation).
  • Low risk of capital loss.
  • Long-term visibility.
Investment strategy
  • Long-term investment horizon (10 to 20 years).
  • Investment in mature companies and in projects being developed.
  • Sectors: transport, environment, energy, social infrastructure and
  • Capacity to invest up to €300 million per transaction and more with co-investors.
  • Geography: Europe.

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Mathias Burghardt, Senior Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure.

"Right from the start, we took a long-term industrial approach to our Infrastructure investments."

Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director