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In these constantly evolving and often fast-changing sectors, the human factor is key. This is why AXA Private Equity commits itself to back entrepreneurs for the long term, taking a supportive approach that is both pragmatic and constructive. For nearly 15 years, the Innovation and Growth team has been investing in more than 100 companies. Major successes include broadband provider Free and the property website

AXA Private Equity targets innovative and profitable companies positioned in sectors with high growth potential. The team steps in at moments of transition for these companies, to lock in the growth dynamic. Frequently this is when the company is looking at new organic expansion, strategic acquisitions or a need to strengthen middle management. AXA Private Equity can also help with the problems that entrepreneurs sometimes face in restructuring the original shareholder structure.

The management team has three types of investment fund at its disposal:

  • AXA Placement Innovation, Fonds Communs de Placement pour l’Innovation (FCPI)
  • AXA Innovation et Croissance, Fonds Communs de Placement à Risques (FCPR)

Leveraging AXA Private Equity’s expertise in developing profitable companies, our team capitalizes on the firm’s network of entrepreneurs to access the best SMEs in which to invest this fund.

Investment strategy
  • We make investments of €2M to €7M in IT, Internet and energy sectors.
  • We take minority equity stakes in companies backed by proven business models with a view to boosting growth and profitability.
  • We have a deep understanding of the problems and issues faced by SMEs and their technological markets.
  • We are committed to working closely with managers, have a pragmatic, hands-on approach and engage in constructive dialogue with entrepreneurs.
Digital Entrepreneurs Club

The Innovation & Growth team at AXA Private Equity with AFDEL (The French Association of Software Companies), have launched the Digital Entrepreneurs Club. The Club has also the support of Oseo and CDC Enterprises. The objective of this club is to provide technology and internet entrepreneurs with a meeting place that allows them to share experience and best practice.
The club organizes regular events such as bi-monthly breakfast workshops and annual dinners. Working closely with entrepreneurs on a daily basis, the Digital Entrepreneurs Club also offers speed coaching sessions where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present development projects and strategies to a range of e-business experts. For more information, visit the website.

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Laurent Foata, Managing Director and Head of Innovation & Growth.

"Innovation is a vision, but more importantly, it is about the people who can make it happen. We stand by these entrepreneurs, supporting them throughout the development of their company."