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Mid Market Enterprise Capital 
A pan-european structure in search of stronger growth levers
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Since 1997, AXA Private Equity has established itself as a European leader in the LBO market, with 47 investments, 34 exits and by supporting more than 50 build-up acquisitions. AXA Private Equity’s Mid Market team seeks to acquire and develop companies valued at between €150 million and €1.5 billion over the long term alongside their managers and shareholders. This approach is often sought both by family-owned companies who do not want to be part of an industrial group, and by subsidiaries of groups, who see the buyout approach as a powerful means to foster growth and accountability.

As a long-term partner for the companies in which we invest, and with an industrial vision of the business, our Mid Market team aims to create value for all shareholders, involving managers and employees.

Sector diversification

With a presence in three key markets in continental Europe (France, Germany and Italy), the team’s 26 investment professionals employ both their local expertise and AXA Private Equity’s international network to support the companies in its portfolio.

Investment strategy
  • We identify high-performing companies or those with the potential to become so in the near future.
  • We focus on being highly responsive in what are often rapidly developing processes.
  • We establish a financing scheme which does not hamper the company’s development.
  • Our strategies create value: e.g. mergers and acquisitions, sale of non-core businesses, refocusing of growth strategies such as distribution and R&D and, if applicable, management changes.
  • We evaluate the best options for exit such as selling to an industrial buyer, IPO or new buyout transaction and we consider how the corporate strategy fits with a potential future shareholder changes.
  • We have the capacity to invest up to €350 million per transaction and up to €500 million with the fund’s co-investors.

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Philippe Poletti, Head of Mid Market Enterprise Capital, Senior Managing Director.

"Our investment strategy involves reasonable debt levels in order to make sure that portfolio companies can really develop."

Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director