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AXA Private Equity underwrites or arranges financings of between €10 million and €200 million. Its team of 11 professionals, based in Paris, London, Milan, New York and Singapore, have emerged as market leaders at a time when competition is tough and transactions are becoming more diverse. AXA Private Equity has been in business since 2005, and its relationship of trust with investment funds, forged in large part through its Funds of Funds and Co-Investment business, is a major competitive advantage.

AXA Private Equity offers financial solutions for leverage operations involving mezzanine, unitranche, or private debt. These solutions enable companies to increase their capacity for finance and investment for the purpose of organic growth or acquisition. Uncallable but with flexible maturity dates, these financings are subordinated to existing or senior debt, and can be used by capital investors and management teams to optimise their returns.

AXA Private Equity Private Debt currently has $3.5 billion under management, spread over a wide area including not only Western Europe, but also Eastern Europe, the United States and Asia.

Sector diversification

Investment strategy
  • Mezzanine investments of €10M to €200M.
  • Direct investment and arrangement of Mezzanine tranches with or without warrant for all types of transactions, including acquisition build-up, LBO, OBO, equity restructuring and recapitalisation.
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Olivier Berment, Head of Private Debt, Managing Director.

"The team has the capacity to come up with fast financing solutions for highly varied and complex deals."

Managing Director
Managing Director
Head of AXA Private Equity Asia, Managing Director