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Small Market Enterprise Capital 

The team focuses on transactions where it can really add value, for instance by investing in sectors in which it has knowledge and experience. This was the case with Italian linear motion manufacturer, Rollon, in which AXA Private Equity acquired a majority stake in August 2010. The team prefers complex and proprietary transactions, as these often represent excellent opportunities for our investors.

The 13-strong team working out of offices in Paris, Frankfurt and Milan study all investment opportunities and work together to monitor the investments. They pool resources to support the development of portfolio companies, particularly when it comes to build-ups.

Sector diversification

The AXA Private Equity Small Market team focuses on companies with values below €100 million in the case of a controlling stake or below €500 million for non-controlling investments.

  • Small Market Enterprise Capital:

    We take largely controlling interests in small and mid cap companies valued below €150 million. We then launch a major programme to add value and boost growth in these companies, led by our local staff in Germany, Italy and all countries with a local office, as well as in France.

  • Expansion Capital:

    We invest via minority interests, protected by shareholder pacts and liquidity commitment, in mature and profitable companies. The deals may involve us committing up to €40m per transaction (and up to €150m with co-investors).

  • Geographical Sector:

    France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland

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